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Welcome to Kasperhof 


There are some places that exude a special magic. 

Where one soon feels at home and is happy to stay a while. Our great-grandfather found such a place in 1904, when he left Hötting for the edge of the woods above Innsbruck.
Times were a bit different then, more than a hundred years ago, and thus it took a good four years to build the Kasperhof - an unimaginably long time nowadays. Who knows, perhaps the pace of life at that time still lives on in the foundation walls which have survived all the building and rebuilding work of the last few decades. For it sometimes seems as if everything is a bit quieter and more relaxed than in nearby Innsbruck just a few minutes away.

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Ever since our last major building and extension work, we are letting 11 apartments of between 22 and 115 square meters in size, which offer up to 8 persons lots of room to relax. Each apartment has its own character and little details which we shall describe for you more closely in our "Apartment" page.

We are happy to assist you in case you have any questions: +43 664 31 68 277.
You can also use our "BOOK NOW" button to request your personal quote.

In front of the house, the city, and behind it...Nature!

Our visitors never cease to be surprised how soon they are able to be back here with us from the centre of Innsbruck and how far away the city seems when they stand behind the house. For then, all one sees are our horses, the meadows with their fruit trees, and the woods from which we feel the pull of the Nordkette Mountain Range. For your holiday planning this means that within a few minutes you can be in the middle of Innsbruck City Centre while right behind the back door of our house you can start your climb into the dense network of forests.

If you have any questions, please send us a short e-mail or call us on +43 664 31 68 277.

We look forward very much to welcoming you at the Kasperhof quite soon.


the Angermair family

"The Kaspers"

(In Tyrol every farmhouse is given what is called "a farmhouse name" which is used much more often than the family name. Our name,"Kasperhof", derives from Kasper, the Christian name of our great-grandfather)