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Achselboden - Seegrube 

A mountain hiking tour from the Kasperhof over to Rauschbrunnen to the Aspachhütte and up the Durrachstieg to the Achselbodenhütte and from there back to the Seegrube.

Super panoramic mountain hike with some fantastic valley views of the regional capital of Innsbruck, to the Patscherkofel  Mountain, deep down the Wipptal Valley and the constantly-changing impressions and beautiful  places to rest on the Achselfköpfel and the Aspachhütte, both now closed, but with the Rauschbrunnen, a super stopping place with its large sun terrace and beautiful  panoramic views. This mountain hike is one to savour as it does not, with a little help from the Nordkette Mountain Railway, involve too great a  difference in altitude...

Route: Kasperhof - Rauschbrunnen Guest House. From the Kasperhof go left along the public road to the Berchtoldshof (662 m) and there to the right on the asphalt track road directly uphill towards the Buzzihütte (sign for Buzzihütte). There, go uphill over a stile and then, stopping along a wide forest path (walking sign "Rauschbrunnenrunde") uphill through the wood  in a north westerly direction. Twice briefly along a mountain path, past the Kolland water trough and briefly uphill in numerous (not too steep) curves (14 to be precise)  and through the wood again. At the beginning of a meadow pass along a public track to the Rauschbrunnen Guest House. (1088m).
Return hike
Another hike on the Seegrube begins directly at the guest-house on the steep and winding hill north-westwards towards the Aspach Lodge (1534m). Above the lodge, stop on the right and go zig-zag upwards across the Durrachsteig  to the Achselboden Lodge (1645m). From there, with the woods behind you, go uphill to the Brandjochkreuz in the same direction. Above the lodge stop on the right and go up the Durrachsteig hill in zig-zag fashion to cross to the Achselbodenhütte. (1645 m).

Return journey: The easiest way is to take the Nordkette Mountain Railway, getting out at the Hungerburg  and then using public transport or walking across the Gramart Boden to the Höttinger Bild and from there to the Kreuzweg and along the Kreuzweg to the Planötzenhof and back to the Kasperhof - about 1.5 hours of extra  time.

A good tip! The simplest option runs from the Kasperhof to the Höttinger Bild and over the Gramart Boden to the Hungerburg and from there by mountain railway to the Seegrube and to the bottom on foot via the Rauschbrunnen to the Kasperhof  - or you can also use public transport from the start, reckoning on 1.5 hours of  extra time.

Walking time Kasperhof-Achselbodenhütte 3-3.5 hours
Walking time for the total ascent: 4.5 hours
The total altitude difference; 1416 Hm
The total length of hiking paths: km
Refreshment facilities en route: Rauschbrunnen Mountain Guest House  and Seegrube Mountain Restaurant
Category: summer mountain tour