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The Rauschbrunnen circuit 

A superb "guest-house stopover" destination at the Rauschbrunnen,  with the unique view of Innsbruck and down the Inn Valley into the southern Mittelgebirge  Mountains and on to the Wipptal Valley. Another beautiful hike on to the Höttinger Bild whereby the Knappenstein hill  is difficult to negotiate in wet weather - in which case it is better to stay on the forest path (Forstweg). Lovely descent down to the Kreuzweg and a simple return hike to the Kasperhof.

A dream hike which, thanks to the south-facing location, can be underaken well into the autumn.

Kasperhof - Höttinger Bild route: from the Kasperhof turn left along the public track to the Berchtoldshof (662 m) and then to the right on the asphalted road directly uphill to the Buzzihütte. At the Buzzihütte cross the stile and, sticking to the left, continue on a wide forest path to the Kolland drinking trough (Walking Sign  for the Rauschbrunnen circuit); then, in a north-westerly direction, go up through the woods twice, briefly, along a curvy forest path, and shortly after that, uphill round 14 winding but none-too-steep bends . At the start of a meadow, hike along a public road to the Rauschbrunnen Alpine Guest House., 1088m

A further hike to the Höttinger Bild begins directly past the farm outbuildings and along a narrow mountain path slightly downhill to the east until you reach another path. Either you take the easier way slightly uphill  to the left and finally towards the Höttinger Bild or the harder way when you take the next forest path after a few meters, a narrow path full of tree roots and very slippery in winter.
Go downhill on the Kreuzweg towards the Höttinger Bild and the Planötzenhof and then turn left on the Schrotterweg above the entrance road downhill towards Sadrach and at the top of the road past the houses you come to the wood again, and almost up to the Buzzihütte, where you go past a farm outbuilding to the left and past a little valley (also to your left) and up to the Berchtoldshof and back to the Kasperhof  (earlier already on the easier tour), past the last houses in Sadrach and along a freight track down to the Kasperhof.

Walking time: Kasperhof - Rauschbrunnen 1 - 1,5 hrs
Walking time for the full round trip  3 - 3.5 hrs.
Difference in altitude 505 Hm.
Total length of paths; 8.8 kms.
Refreshment Facilities: Berchtoldshof, Rauschbrunnen Alpine Guest House  and Planötzenhof

Category: Summer hike