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Our "Active Stable" - a stable for happy horses. 


Your horse will feel better

A stable that is not only a place to keep your horse but one where every attention is paid to the needs of the horse and where the owner does no justt feel obliged  to visit it every day. When we first read about an active stable we knew at once that we wanted to realise these ideas at our stable above Innsbruck. Since 2013 horses and their owners have been enjoying the advantages of our new horse stable.

More movement, natural eating habits and living in a herd

Horses are herding creatures and get lonely in a closed box where they also suffer a lack of movement and  punctual meals; for even when that means 2-3 times a day, it does not suit the animal's natural eating behaviour. The Active Stable functions quite differently because:


  • The horses move about freely between their  eating places and the lower food stands. Thus, the animal moves 20 times as much in the Active Stable  as it does in a normal stable with the result that it is markedly fitter and better balanced. 

  • As compulsive eaters,  horses love to eat constantly. So a chip inserted in their mane controls how much hay and energy foods they may eat in 24 hours. For the in-between snacks, a bale of straw is placed in the middle of the paddock.

  • The animals are out in  the fresh air all year round but can always seek shelter in one of the lower stands. When returning to the stable after a spell outside, you can always warm your horse up in the sauna...

Here you can find an outline of the technical details concerning the Active Stable.

From the city to the hiking path network right behind our house.

The Leonhardweg bus-stop on line H is just one minute away from our farm. If you come by car, you can park here with us, right behind the stable; thus, without having to use the asphalted public road, a forest path takes you into the woods and towards the mountains above Innsbruck.

If you are interested in a place for your horse in our new Active Stable, simply give us a call on +43 664 31 68 277.